The Rural Electric Safety Achievement Program (RESAP), is a service of the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association (NRECA) and strives to promote the highest standards of safety among electric cooperatives. betc365手机客户端首页 fully supports the RESAP program and works with electric cooperative members in their safety achievement.

The premise for this program is based on two fundamental guiding principles that are essential to achieving safety excellence:

  1. Safety must be embraced as a core value where the actions and decisions of the cooperative reflect a fundamental and unwavering commitment to safety at all levels of the cooperative. This is achieved through a strong safety leadership culture. Cooperative leaders accept responsibility for a culture that ultimately drives safety performance.
  2. Cooperative leaders and employees take ownership of the systems and processes that create a safe working environment. Safety systems are a shared responsibility and should focus on enhancing safe behaviors and reducing unsafe acts and risks to injury.

Key activities of RESAP


  • Performance measures of key OSHA data submitted to NRECA
  • Safety improvement plan prepared by cooperative and status submitted to NRECA

Every three years:

  • CEO leadership commitment submitted to NRECA
  • Safety health check submitted to NRECA
  • Verification documents compiled for review by onsite observation team
  • Onsite observation conducted by betc365手机客户端首页 and observers; an observation document is submitted to NRECA by the observation team

RESAP observers

Any electric cooperative employee can volunteer as a RESAP observer to support the efforts in Minnesota. A one-day RESAP observer training course sponsored by betc365手机客户端首页 is required. 

RESAP observers participate on a team of four for the onsite observation using identified safety criteria to review the cooperative. Honest feedback to the cooperative leadership and assessment of achievement efforts is the goal. 

Want to be an observer? Contact Lidia Dilley Jacobson, betc365手机客户端首页 Director of Safety and Loss Control.

“Every observation I do, I learn something to take back to my co-op and improve our safety, too.”
– Superintendent